0 (low) - 10 (high)
ExcellentVery goodGoodAverageBelow Average
The activity as a whole was:
The activity content was:
The instructor's contribution to the activity was:
The instructor's effectiveness in teaching the subject matter was:
The activity’s purpose and content was accurately communicated
Answers to questions were:
Amount you learned was:
Relevance of activity content was:
Intellectual challenge was:
1 (low)2345 (high)
Were the resource materials and/or audiovisual components useful?
Were your professional education needs met?
Did the education activity present accurate and current information?
Was the length and content of the education activity appropriate to meet the stated objective(s)?
Was the education activity presented in a way that challenged your current practice?
How likely are you to change your practice as a result of participating in the education activity?
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly disagree
The activity’s purpose and content was accurately communicated
This activity avoided commercially induced bias I gained new strategies/skills/information that I can apply to my area of practice.
I plan to implement new strategies/skills/information into my practice.
Did you perceive commercial bias I will implement the information in my area of practice.