Sarah Canon Tumor Boards

Click above to see Regularly Scheduled Series by Sarah Cannon at the following locations:

  • Denver Market
  • North Suburban Medical Center
  • Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center
  • Rose Medical Center
  • SkyRidge Medical Center
  • Swedish Medical Center
  • The Medical Center of Aurora

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HealthONE

Having a multispecialty tumor board in place for each of our programs is one of the things that makes our approach to cancer treatment so effective. Since 2012, HealthONE and Sarah Cannon have worked together to advance cancer services in the greater Rocky Mountain region. With a shared focus on physician-led, patient-centered care, Sarah Cannon and HealthONE offer patients access to world-class cutting-edge treatments close to home. Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HealthONE cares for more than 41,000 cancer patients annually. Together, Sarah Cannon and HealthONE are redefining cancer care for those facing cancer throughout the region. HealthONE has long been recognized for its strong physician leadership and comprehensive cancer service offerings. Since partnering with Sarah Cannon in 2012, HealthONE has even greater access to a global cancer research and care network that has unparalleled expertise in treating patients in the community. Patients treated at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HealthONE have access to a global network with the most advanced and evidence-based treatments for fighting cancer.

Our tumor boards consist of a group of medical professionals from all areas of expertise in cancer. For example, our breast cancer board is made up of surgeons, radiation oncologists, nurses, pathologists, radiologists, medical oncologists, and all other specialists involved in our patients’ cases – and every one of them is an expert in treating breast cancer. Each program’s tumor board meets weekly to ensure that every patient’s case is collaboratively reviewed.

The CME office values the uniqueness of the Tumor Board learning process in which it addresses the educational content differently than our other more common traditional CME learning activity types, along with the understanding that each member of the Tumor Board is indeed an active learner.

Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HealthONE, an early phase clinical trials unit, offers the latest therapies to patients throughout the Rocky Mountain region. To learn more about Sarah Cannon’s active clinical trials, including many in the greater Denver area, call 720-754-2610.

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HealthONE offers patients access to askSARAH – a dedicated helpline designed to help answer cancer-related questions. askSARAHs registered nurses are available 24/7 and can connect patients to the resources and services available in the HealthONE family of hospitals. Call 303-253-3225.